Expert Design Team

The highly talented DIR design team brings a rich background and expertise, having created many of DFW’s most beautiful interiors. Whether your project involves a single room or an entire home, our designers will help you create a space you will absolutely love.

Pam Wolters

Design Consultant

Pam has specialized as a Design Consultant in the building industry for over 30 years. She prides herself in building relationships with her clients and helping them create their dream home. She listens to each person’s needs and will work within various budgets to accomplishing their design goals.

While working in the furniture industry, Pam was selected to join a team of Design Consultants for her knowledge of color, design, and impeccable customer service. Since then she has built her career working with sales people, builders, and amazing customers that have grown into a family of sorts. She is often requested for various jobs due to her exceptional connection with everyone she has worked with throughout her career.

Pam always says to her buyers when they first meet “this is your home and I am here to make your dreams come true.” Earning their trust and letting them know she has their best interests at heart is huge in this business and seems to be working for her!

Belinda Crossley

Design Consultant

Belinda has worked in the design industry in various fields for 24 years. From owning and running a home décor boutique to completing new home designs with flooring, wall tile, etc. She has created desired spaces for clients by listening and connecting with their ideas and needs. Her knowledge and experience with people, products and current techniques make her an expert in her capacity for design.

Belinda has strong builder experience that gives her great understanding of the home and office construction trade and prides herself in successful installation processes and keeping up to date with the latest products and designs. Working with the trade has continued her knowledge of the many different aspects of home design and architecture.

Her strength in building relationships with her clients allows her to work toward providing their dream space that will be both reflective of their personal style and fulfill their functional needs. She understands the importance of thoroughly explaining the many aspects that comprise the entire design process. Belinda strives for absolute quality in her designs, right down to the smallest detail. This, along with her love for making people happy, ultimately translates into a beautifully personalized finished product.